Police Arrested Two Men Allegedly Plotting To Kill Justin Bieber

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Two men have been arrested in connection with a plot to murder Justin Bieber and others.

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Two Albuquerque men who were allegedly plotting to kill singer Justin Bieber have been arrested, according to CBS affiliate KRQE News 13. According to the report, the two men allegedly formed a detailed plot to murder and castrate the Canadian pop singer and three other individuals at his recently sold out Madison Square Garden concerts in New York City. 

Mark Staake has been arrested in Vermont, while the other individual, Tanner Ruane, Staake’s nephew, has been apprehended in New York. 

Ruane was said to allegedly have “murder tools” including pruning shears in his possession.  

The National Post reports the two were arrested November 20 before Bieber’s MSG performances. 

The plot allegedly also called for the murder of Bieber’s bodyguard.

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