Mysterious Explosion In Indianapolis Drives 200 People Out Of Their Homes

Two houses inexplicably exploded in Indianapolis yesterday killing two people. 

While the massive explosion has baffled police and fire crews in the Midwestern town, the ex-husband of one of the homeowners told the Indianapolis Star that he suspects a furnace problem was to blame. 

A married couple in their thirties, Jennifer and John Longworth, are presumed dead. The residents at the other house weren’t home at the time. 

More than 200 people were forced out of their homes, allowed back only to retrieve a few belongings. Officials estimate that 30 homes will have to be demolished. 

The explosion damaged a dozen homes and nearly razed two. 

Here’s a picture of the explosion: 


Photo: Indianapolis Fire Department/Associated Press

And some of the aftermath: 

indianapolis home explosion

Photo: Associated Press

indianapolis home explosion

Photo: Associated Press

The fire department is actively investigating what happened. 

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