Two Excellent Discover Credit Card Deals

As I explain in greater detail over on Outlaw, I’ve recently become an enthusiastic Discover Card fan. In fact, their Discover More offering is one of my favourite credit card deals at the moment.

In the old days, meaning about two years ago, I was rather harsh on Discover because I felt they weren’t accepted in enough retail locations. This appears to be changing rapidly; if anything, I now find many locations and grocery stores, in particular, more likely to take my Discover card than my American Express. (AmEx is known for having high merchant fees, so some retailers are reluctant to accept it.)

In addition, I have found that Discover has:

1. Excellent customer support.

2. A well-designed online account overview.

3. Card designs that stand out. Since you can choose your design on the application page, it’s likely you’ll pick a design that not too many others have — this isn’t the case with, say, a Wells Fargo standard credit card, which are about as exciting as a social security card.

Click here for the special application link and more details on Discover More’s current $50 cash back bonus promotion. This particular deal has no annual fee (always nice!) and offers 0% intro APR on new purchases for the first six months after account opening. I love their simplified online application, which gives you a decision within 60 seconds. You can also choose from a handful of different card designs.

The Discover Clear card is my second-favourite credit card deal; I like it even more than Chase Freedom and Bank of America’s BankAmericard Cash Rewards. More details on that one are available here.

As with the More card, Clear offers 0% intro APR on new purchases for the first six months, and there’s no annual fee. You can also establish a balance transfer right from the online application page, although additional fees (including a balance transfer fee) will apply if you choose to do that.

— provided by Credit Card Outlaw