Two cyclones could bookend Australia over the weekend

Photo: Chris Hyde/ Getty.

Two cyclones are threatening to book-end Australia, one coming from the east and another from the west.

The Bureau of Meteorology is monitoring a low pressure system in the Coral Sea, after it increased from a moderate to high (more than 50%) chance of developing a tropical cyclone on Sunday.

“While it may have been a slow start to season, February and March are the peak months for tropical cyclone activity in the Eastern Region and Coral Sea, with conditions becoming more favourable for development from Saturday onwards,” Queensland regional director Bruce Gunn said yesterday when the forecast was increased from low to moderate.

“Communities in North Queensland should begin their preparations now, stay tuned for the latest official forecasts and warnings from the Bureau and follow the advice of local emergency services.”

If it forms into a cyclone it will be named Debbie.

Meanwhile Tropical Cyclone Caleb is currently tracking to the southeast over open waters west of the West Australian mainland.

The category 1 storm has sustained winds near the centre of 75 kilometres per hour and wind gusts to 100kmh.


While Caleb is moving towards the coastline it is not forecast to produce gales over the Cocos or Christmas Islands or the WA mainland.

There have been four tropical cyclones already this season: Yvette in December, Alfred in February, Blanche in March and now Caleb.

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