Two college students fell in love over Snapchat and the entire campus watched

Who needs Tinder when you have Snapchat?

A social media phenomenon broke out on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus last week as two lovebirds used Snapchat’s location-based story feature to make a connection.

It started when one woman posted that she spotted a man wearing a Vikings jersey on the university’s Snapchat story and said she was “so in love” with him.


The Vikings jersey guy responded, and the two eventually used Snapchat’s story feature to meet up at a local bar.


Meanwhile, other students chimed in throughout the day, hoping the two would actually meet.


But the real story here is the unique nature of Snapchat’s location-based stories. Anyone can submit a video or photo that other users in the area can watch. Snapchat has human curators that watch the submissions and pulls them together into a common narrative.

In this case, Snapchat went above and beyond and created a special filter that read “HELP VIKINGS FAN FIND MYSTERY GIRL” students could use to join in the fun.

You can’t get that on any other social network. No wonder why so many people are obsessed with Snapchat.

Watch the video, which we first saw on Digg, to see how it all went down:

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