Two Apple Executives Sold $15 Million Worth Of Stock

Bruce SewellBruce Sewell

Two Apple executives, Bruce Sewell and Jeff Williams, have each sold $15 million worth of Apple stock, according to SEC filings, via MacRumors.

Sewell, who is an SVP, and general counsel, sold 37,172 shares on Monday. Williams, who is also an SVP, leading operations, sold 36,819 shares on Monday. For both, the share price was around $399-$405. 

These share sales were part of SEC rule 10b5-1, which means you tell the SEC in advance you’re going to sell shares. 

Even though they’re a part of a pre-planned sale, this doesn’t look great. The company’s stock is in a slump. When execs are selling at a low point for the stock, it doesn’t give the general investing public confidence. 

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