Two Alaska Villages Are Dangerously Close To Running Out Of Heating Fuel

Anchorage Alaska

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A harsh winter is taking a heavy toll on fuel supplies in Alaska. Two villages in the midst of 45-below temperatures have almost run out of heating oil, forcing a Noatak town store to ration borrowed supplies, the Anchorage Daily News reports. The village of Kobuk has turned to a city reserve tank. Meanwhile, locals with snowmobiles are selling wood for stoves to their neighbours. Both towns expect new shipments in the coming days.At the same time, a delivery of diesel and unleaded gasoline to Nome has been delayed by ice in the Bering Sea, notes a separate ADN story. “Really dynamic ice” has occasionally brought a Russian fuel tanker and Coast Guard ice cutter to a halt, says a Coast Guard rep. Still, “as long as we’re making progress, we’re going to Nome,” he adds. The trouble follows an earlier delayed fuel delivery in the fall.

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