Twitter's U.S. Traffic Down Post-Oprah

After a massive growth spurt — fed by Ashton Kutcher, CNN, and Oprah Winfrey — Twitter’s weekly U.S. Web traffic has dipped, according to comScore.

Twitter attracted 5.33 million U.S. unique visitors during the week ending Apr. 26, according to comScore. That’s up an insane 45% from the last week in March. But it’s still a slight dip from the week ending Apr. 19, when Twitter attracted 5.60 million U.S. visitors, according to comScore. (That’s the week that Oprah joined Twitter and Ashton Kutcher raced CNN to 1 million followers. See chart below.)

This is not a big deal. Why not?

First, because comScore’s measurement of U.S. Web visitors to is not the growth metric Twitter cares about. Twitter, according to investor Fred Wilson, is most interested in “tweet views,” which is a function of user growth and user activity, and includes Twitter’s Web site, mobile phones, desktop apps, and API usage.

Second, because of course Twitter is going to have a few down weeks now and then, especially after the media circus in mid-April. As long as people keep signing up for Twitter — and, just as important, keep using Twitter after they’ve signed up — then the company is in good shape.

We’ll have a better big-picture idea of Twitter’s continued mainstream adoption in a few months.


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