Twitter's Secret Growth Projections Exposed (Screenshots)

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A hacker is going around telling tech bloggers he hacked into Twitter employee email accounts and more.

Twitter CEO Ev Williams confirmed the hack in an email to TechCrunch, writing “Yes, we did suffer an attack a few weeks ago and are familiar with this list of stuff.”

We never heard from the hacker, but screenshots and data about Twitter are popping up all over the Web. (See them here.)

French site Korben says one of the leaked documents reveals Twitter’s internal forecast for its user growth:

  • 25 million users at the end of 2009
  • 100 million at the end of 2010
  • 350 million at the end of 2011

Korben says he’s seen Twitter’s revenue projections, but decided not to publish them.

The lesson for the rest of us living in the cloud is that we need to take security very seriously. Ev gets at that in his full email:

Yes, we did suffer an attack a few weeks ago and are familiar with this list of stuff. This is unrelated to the hack of Twitter where someone gained access to users’ accounts. This had nothing to do with the security of, and there were no user accounts compromised here.

Some notes:

He did not actually gain access to my @ev Twitter account (or any Twitter accounts), nor any administrative functions of the site.

There is also no evidence that he gained access to my email. There was one administrative employee whose email was compromised, as was my wife’s Gmail account, which is where he got access to some of my credit cards and other information.

He also successfully targeted a couple of other employees’ personal accounts (Amazon, AT&T, Paypal‚Ķ).

In general, most of the sensitive information was personal, rather than company-related. Obviously, this was highly distressing to myself, my wife and other Twitter employees who were attacked. It was a good lesson for us that we are being targeted because we work for Twitter. We have taken extra steps to increase our security, but we know we can never be entirely comfortable with what we share via email.

See the leaked documents here

Twitter's Secret Documents, Exposed

Twitter's Secret Documents, Exposed

The hacker gained access to Twitter's domain registry, meaning he could have re-directed the site or shut it down at any time.

Twitter's Secret Documents, Exposed

He got access to an employee Gmail account, and Twitter's account from there.

Twitter's Secret Documents, Exposed

The hacker saw a list of high-profile Twitter account holders.

Twitter's Secret Documents, Exposed

The hacker found a floor plan of Twitter's new offices, as well as a list of amenties requested by employees.

Writes French blogger Korben:

'Plans for new offices including a wish list from the employees who would like a nap room, a games room, plants, a chief cuisto, a meditation hall, garages to cycling, Adjustable offices, a gym, a meditation room, a washer / dryer, wifi, lockers, wine cellar, an aquarium and so on ... They have imagination.'

Twitter's Secret Documents, Exposed

Twitter apparently plans to offer merchandise. Get us one of those caps!

Twitter's Secret Documents, Exposed

The hacker also gained access to Twitter CEO Ev Williams's Facebook page. Haunting.

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