Twitter Grabs Whopping 0.001% Search Market Share

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One of Twitter’s potential business models involves its real-time search engine, a product it acquired last year. But if that’s going to happen, it’s going to have to get more people using it.

With 30.1 million search queries last month from 4.2 million searchers, according to comScore, Twitter now has 0.001% of the U.S. search market.

Citi analyst Mark Mahaney, in a report, writes that it’s “becoming meaningful.” (For comparison, Time Warner Cable — the second largest U.S. cable company — did 22.2 million searches via its portal in May — 26% less than Twitter.)

Meanwhile, MediaMemo’s Peter Kafka points out one usual problem with measuring Twitter — that comScore’s technology can’t measure Twitter searches conducted via its API, or via desktop apps like TweetDeck — and concludes that Twitter’s search share is actually probably a lot higher than 0.001%.

But it’s still nowhere near a threat to Google, Yahoo, or even

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