GASPARINO: My Sources Tell Me Twitter's IPO Is Going To Be Completely Insane

Twitter has done everything in its power to be the anti-Facebook, as far as its IPO is concerned.

  • It’s going public while it’s still in hyper-growth mode, unlike Facebook.
  • It’s listing on the NYSE instead of the NASDAQ.
  • It’s setting a low price range for the IPO, giving investors an opportunity to grab a big upside.
  • It filed for “secret” IPO.

And so on …

Yet, the end result could end up being somewhat similar for Twitter.

Charlie Gasparino just tweeted that Twitter wants to see the stock open at $US40 a share tomorrow when it starts trading. He says a source tells him there is concern the stock will shoot to $US80 thanks to strong demand.

The strong demand for Twitter’s stock could be so overwhelming that the opening will be delayed as the NYSE tries to handle the load. It might not start trading until the afternoon, says Gasparino.

If this happens, and it’s all a big if, then it’s going to be a crazy mess. Which is what Facebook’s first day of trading was.

The big difference, obviously, is that Twitter’s mess will be positive since the stock will be skyrocketing.

Here are Gasparino’s tweets:

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