Twitter’s Newest Real-Life Celebrity: NBC’s Jimmy Fallon


Next year, former SNL actor Jimmy Fallon will take over for Conan O’Brien in NBC’s (GE) late-night lineup. O’Brien is taking over for Jay Leno, who is taking over an hour of primetime TV.

Fallon is quickly learning self promotion, including a newish Twitter account, which, if used properly, could bring in several extra viewers every night.

What’s Fallon writing about? Not much: Many of his 21 updates so far are replies to other people. He’s given an endorsement to Waffle House, asked for tech support, and sucked up to Digg founder (and popular Twitter user) Kevin Rose. He’s also confirmed his identity to Twitter investor Fred Wilson, who must be thrilled that the messaging service is getting more mainstream.

Fallon started tweeting on Dec. 4 and has 1,450 followers in a little more than a week. (Not bad, but nothing like the 11,500 that Shaq O’Neal got in his first week.) He’s recently been using Twitterrific, the Twitter client by The Iconfactory.


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