Twitter's New Home Tweet Home

Twitter Office

Twitter’s moved to its new headquarters and the team is just abuzz with excitement.

Everyone is remarking on the design detail and work put in by Sara Morishige Williams — wife of CEO Evan Williams — and Doug Williams.

There are cutesy throw pillows, inspiring neon signs, and even an authentic DJ booth.

The great views of the San Francisco skyline are not too shabby either.

Check out Twitter’s new office ->

Preparing the new office

Photo: Doug Williams

Twitter HQ 3.0

Photo: Ryan King

It's a big space for Twitter to grow into

Photo: Ryan King

Twitter team tweeting nonstop about the new office

Photo: Doug Cook

An authentic DJ setup for entertainment

Some have the luxury of big open windows

Photo: Marcel Molina

Grand views of the San Francisco skyline

Photo: andr8a

Sara and Doug Williams put a lot of effort into the details

Photo: Caroline

The bird theme is very apparent

Photo: Emily

A good day with Hitchcock?

Photo: Sara

Twitter's new all-concrete conference table

Photo: Sara

Home Tweet Home pillows

Photo: Robin

The office is arranged in an bullpen cubicle format

Photo: Eric Jensen

Office kitchen and caffeine supply

Photo: Pankaj Gupta

Neon signs adorn the space

Photo: Patrick Ewing

Lounge area for the Twitter team

Photo: Ryan King

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