Twitter is simplifying its app with a new tab for live video and popular news stories

Twitter is simplifying its mobile app with a new Explore tab, the company announced on Thursday.

The new tab will incorporate live video, a search bar, trending news, and Moments, which are collections of tweets around news events that are put together by publishers and Twitter’s own editors.

Twitter Explore tabTwitterTwitter’s new Explore tab shows live video up top and buries the app’s Moments feature.

The redesign illustrates Twitter’s strategy of being a hub for live video, which has so far included partnerships with the NBA and business news network Cheddar, among others. It also signals that Twitter is betting less on Moments — a feature it used to show prominently in the middle of its app, and is now buried towards the bottom of the Explore tab.

Twitter started testing this Explore tab with a small percentage of its user base around October, but now it’s making the new design available to everyone starting Thursday.

“Over the past year, we’ve been exploring different ways to make it simpler for people to find and use trends, Moments, and search,” Twitter product designer Angela Lam said in a statement. “During our research process, people told us that the new Explore tab helped them easily find news, what’s trending, and what’s popular right now.”

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