This Playground Is A Significant Part Of Twitter's Founding Story

Twitter is the latest Silicon Valley company to eye an IPO. It is expected to go public later this year or early next.

There’s a playground in San Francisco that holds special significance for the now-massive company.

At South Park in San Francisco, Jack Dorsey originally proposed the idea for Twitter. He imagined using texting technology to alert friends about what he was doing at that moment. He co-founded the company with Biz Stone and Evan Williams.

South park san franciscoCNBCSouth Park, where Dorsey first mentioned the idea for Twitter.

Dorsey tells CNBC he mentioned the idea for the first time on a playground there, below:

Playground twitter san franciscoCNBCJack Dorsey first mentioned the idea for Twitter on this playground in San Francisco.

“On that playground right up there is where I first brought up the idea,” Dorsey told CNBC for its Twitter Revolution documentary. “And then we brought it back to the company [Odeo] and demoed it. We wanted to see everything that was happening. Not just where people were but what they were doing. I wanted to be able to see the world in real time.”

Initially, Dorsey wanted to call Twitter “” Here’s an early mockup. early twitter mockupCNBCDorsey initially wanted to call Twitter ‘’ Here’s an early mockup

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