Twitter's Evan Williams, Slide's Max Levchin, And Betaworks' John Borthwick Are All In A Room Talking Right Now

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Photo: Romeo66 via Flickr

Twitter cofounder Evan Williams, Betaworks founder John Borthwick, Slide founder Max Levchin, MySpace founder Michael Jones and Mozilla Corp CEO John Lilly are having a conversation right now.They’re hanging out on a new startup, Branch, a group blogging platform for thought leaders.

Evan Williams is moderating the discussion. He opened the conversation by asking about parallel entrepreneurship. He asked if founders can successfully juggle multiple projects at once, or if they should remain focused on one project at a time.

The discussion progressed to analysing Google. Google, Williams says, now has more features than products.

“I think Google has taken the blue pill,” Borthwick replied.  “The integration of all of its products into a single seamless whole has been driven by business priorities, not by users’ needs.”

To follow the conversation, head over to Branch >>

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Photo: Branch

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