The Twitter Advertising Ecosystem Explained

Twitter’s IPO filing yesterday revealed that it is on track to generate some $US500 million in annual ad revenue by year’s end.
How does Twitter advertising work? Twitter’s advertising efforts are analogous to Facebook’s efforts. They are focused on in-stream ads, and also on leveraging naturally-occurring social activity on the site.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we analyse the state of social media advertising and where it is heading, offering a comprehensive guide and examination of the advertising ecosystems on Facebook and Twitter, analysing each of their principal ad products and concepts behind them, offer a primer on Tumblr as an emerging ad medium, and detail how mobile is an important part of this story as mobile-friendly as native ad formats fuel growth in the market.

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Here’s a brief overview of the Twitter advertising ecosystem:

The report is full of charts and data that can be easily downloaded and put to use.

Twitter’s ad efforts suggest something of an emerging consensus in social media advertising around the user stream as the ideal spot for ad placements and the focus of new ad products.

As this consensus develops, Twitter is introducing new ad formats and capabilities that are helping marketers and brands reach audiences on Twitter in ways that were not previously possible.

In full, the report includes:

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