14-Year-Old Allegedly Tweeted Terrorist Threat And Then Freaked Out When American Airlines Responded

This morning, a Twitter account allegedly belonging to a 14-year-old girl named Sarah tweeted the following message at American Airlines:

American Airlines swiftly responded:

Then Sarah, whose account is chock-full of fan messages for teen pop star Demi Lovato, began to realise the error of her ways:

People started picking up on what was going on and began sharing the conversation between the teen and the airline.

Even though American Airlines only responded to the initial tweet, which Sarah never deleted, Sarah continued to tweet, talking about her sudden Internet fame.

She tweeted that she won’t be telling her parents about this (though it seems unlikely they will never find out, if American Airlines does in fact, hand over her information to authorities.)

American Airlines, still silent after its one tweet, has yet to respond further.

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