Twitter's Web Traffic Flatlines

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Traffic to has been essentially flat for the last two months, hovering below a peak of 21 million U.S. unique visitors reached in July. The numbers are according to comScore.

It’s important to remember that many Twitter users hardly go to, preferring to use the service through third-party apps and Web sites such as TweetDeck, Tweetie, or even MySpace, or by mobile text messaging. (And many people who are not Twitter “users” end up at each month, further skewing the stats.)

Still, traffic is probably at least a directional indicator of the site’s growing or decreasing popularity. And even though Twitter has enough money in the bank to operate for a long time, a perception that Twitter’s popularity has peaked would not be helpful.

According to internal documents, Twitter expects its 2013 revenues to be $1.54 billion on 1 billion users.

Here’s a chart that shows traffic to (orange), (blue), and (aqua) from September 2008 to September 2009.  (Click here to see comScore’s exact numbers.)
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