Twitter Revenue Will Hit $4 Million This Year

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Twitter is on track to earn $4 million in revenue this year, according a new profile in Wired magazine. What else did we learn?

  • The director of the show House swings by to cheer up the staff. So do politicians and folksingers.
  • The mission of the company is unknown. Biz Stone says, “If there are three sentences I’d use to describe Twitter…one of them would be ‘I don’t know.'”
  • Twitter wants to grow internationally by making deals with telecoms that build Twitter in browsers or texting.
  • Twitter also wants to be on all devices from phone to radio to gaming consoles.
  • Barry Diller and John Malone laughed at the prospect of Twitter ever making money at Sun Valley last year.
  • Ev Williams response, “But all the Internet guys there were laughing at those media guys. Are you kidding? When you know that Twitter is a vehicle for directing information and traffic to large audiences, you realise there’s obviously a huge business.”
  • As for the business…it is going to have verified accounts, plus analytics to help companies look at discussions on Twitter. There’s search revenue, and it will have a lot of precious data on people. Surely, that can be made into money, right?
  • The upside to having internal documents leak: “They may have dispelled the misperception that the company is frivolous or a flash in the pan,” says Williams.

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