Evan Williams: Hope That Keynote Didn't "Disappoint Anybody"

A LOT of people were expecting Twitter CEO Evan Williams to reveal Twitter’s highly anticipated revenue model during a conference keynote yesterday. He did not.

Instead, all we got was some new feature called @anywhere.

Today on Bloomberg TV, Ev said he hopes that he “didn’t disappoint anybody.”

Here’s more from the interview on Bloomberg:

  • “We’re definitely on a timeline, but I don’t think we’re behind.”
  • “We’re making money today through some partnerships and we’ll be rolling out more this year for sure.”
  • Bloomberg’s Cris Valerio: How much do you think advertising will make up your overall revenue? Williams: “I can’t say. I don’t know. We don’t know how it will work.”
  • “We’re in the experimental stages until we start launching these things and see how they work.”

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