Twitter Still Growing, Users Now Send A Billion Tweets Per Month

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Twitter users are sending out more than a billion tweets per month, according to Royal Pingdom.

This is probably what CEO Ev Williams was talking about when he said in January “Across all metrics that matter, yesterday was Twitter’s highest-usage day ever. (And today will be bigger.)”

While Twitter’s growth in terms of users has slowed, its users are clearly more engaged than ever.

January saw more than 1.2 billion tweets, or 40 million per day.

Observations from Royal Pingdom:

  • December 2009 was the first month Twitter processed more than one billion tweets (with 1.036 billion tweets).
  • January 2010 had 16 times as many tweets as January 2009.
  • The activity on Twitter has doubled since August 2009.
  • January 2010 saw more tweets per day (39.5 million) than the whole of September 2008.
  • The last three months have all seen a month-to-month growth in Twitter activity of close to 17% (Nov: 16.8%, Dec: 16.6%, Jan: 16.9%).

And here’s its explanation of how it comes up with its numbers:

Methodology: To be able to calculate the number of tweets per month, we tracked down a tweet from the first couple of minutes of each month. Using the sequence numbers of these tweets, we could then calculate the number of tweets for each month. Since finding old tweets is more or less impossible with Twitter’s own search engine, we used Google, then verified the tweet time stamp by looking at the tweet itself.

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