How To Get A Push Notification When Someone Unfollows You On Twitter

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Photo: Flickr / Sybren A. Stüvel

Is your self-worth directly tied to the number of followers you have on Twitter?Do you want to be notified the moment someone unfollows you so you can be down on yourself?

Sayonara ($1.99 in the App Store) is the app for you. It integrates with your Twitter account so you can keep track of the exact moment someone decided your tweets weren’t cutting it anymore.

An older service, Qwitter, sends weekly emails for free and daily emails for $2 a month. But who wants to wait?

After installing Sayonara, tap the app to launch it

It needs access to your Twitter account, so press OK

You also need to give it permission to send you push notifications

And just like that, it's up and running. No more setup required

When someone unfollows you, like my colleague Steve Kovach, I get notified instantly

Starting up the app, it takes me to Steve's Twitter profile. We can tweet at Steve right inside of the app

Just a nice message to let him know he'll be missed

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