Twitter Tried To Buy Instagram

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Photo: Illustration: Ellis Hamburger

We gave Twitter executive chairman Jack Dorsey a very hard time for failing to buy Instagram, a startup he’d invested personal money into, and allowing it to go to Facebook instead.Turns out Dorsey tried to bring Instagram to Twitter, but failed.

At the end of its long behind-the-scenes story about Instagram’s ascent, the NYT reports:

His company, according to several people briefed on the matter, had expressed interest in buying Instagram in recent months. Mr. Dorsey once used Instagram daily to send photos to Twitter, but he has not been back since the deal was announced, perhaps a sign that he is not happy to see it in the hands of a competitor. A Twitter spokeswoman declined to comment.

Don’t pity Dorsey too much. He’s one of just 9 employees and 13 investors who made huge money off Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition. Click here to meet the others >>

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