Twitter Traffic Passes The New York Times, Wall Street Journal


  • Microsoft-SAP is a “random rumour” says Ballmer [Reuters]
  • Facebook finally tests a payments system [VentureBeat]
  • NYT launches Times Wire and Times Reader 2.0 [PaidContent]
  • Twitter traffic passes WSJ, NYT [PaidContent]
  • MSN integrates City Guides with local Live Search [SEL]
  • Google redesigns Google News layout [SEL]
  • What does Facebook’s more open API mean for Twitter developers? [Inside Facebook]
  • The Google’s plan to save the New York Times and Washington Post [NYTPicker]
  • This is not another Great Depression [Freakonomics]
  • Creating a Facebook page for a client is harder than it looks [AdAge]
  • Slate launches lady blog called Double X [NYT]


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