PHOTOS: Twitter just moved into a new office in Canada and it's very Canadian

To celebrate a new office move and mark its second anniversary doing business in the country, Twitter held a party at its Canadian HQ in Toronto earlier this month.

Its grand opening was a “community affair,” Twitter says in a blog post.

Twitter’s held host to local advertising partners and Tweeters, putting on local food and entertainment.

Bieber was there, of course (in cardboard cut-out form.)

Brendan Canning from Canadian indie band Broken Social Scene supplied the tunes.

Twitter Canada named its party #NestWarming.

Twitter laid on these yummy-looking cupcakes.

The cake mound.

'O Canada! Our home and native land!'

'True patriot love in all thy sons command!'

That wasn't the only selfie-taking opportunity.

One Direction auditions?

The party took place on May 6. But we'll let this pass.

Alas, some people are more camera shy.

When the office isn't packed with revelers, Twitter's Toronto HQ is an open workspace, which Twitter says encourages collaboration between staff. This is 'The Library.'

The office isn't huge.

But it's bright and breezy. All the meeting rooms have glass walls, which Twitter says embodies the 'transparency' of its platform.

It offers plenty of Twitter-branded perks.

And some Canada-related quirks.

Bye Twitter Canada, see you soon!

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