REPORT: Twitter will make a long-awaited change to its core product on September 19

Jack Dorsey AP ImagesTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Back in May, Twitter announced it would be making a long-overdue change: It would discount photos, GIFs, quoted tweets and more from the 140-character limit for tweets — giving users more room to play with.

The community eagerly awaited the change … and kept waiting.

Now, four months later, it sounds like the feature is finally ready to roll out. The Verge, citing sources familar with Twitter’s plans, reports that Twitter plans to make the change on September 19.

Under the new system — just as Twitter previously announced — photos, videos, polls, and quote tweets will no longer count towards the 140-character limit on tweets. Usernames, when at the start of a tweet for a reply, will also apparently be discounted.

Twitter did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

As changes go, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser — and helps to somewhat simplify Twitter’s arcane rules and conventions, which can be off-putting to newcomers to the platform.

CEO Jack Dorsey is in the middle of an attempt to turn around the social network’s ailing fortunes. The stock has collapsed since its 2013 IPO, it is struggling to attract new users, and has a reputation for being rife with abusive behaviour.

Twitter all time stock graph september 2016GoogleTwitter’s stock price, from its 2013 IPO to September 2016.

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