Twitter: Bug Caused Today's Outage

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The Latest: Twitter says today’s outage was caused by “a bug triggered by an edge case in one of the core services that powers Twitter. We have already fixed this bug and are making additional optimizations based on what we learned.”

“Most users are seeing freshly updated timelines. However, due to the previous problems, users of our SMS service may experience some missing tweets.”

Earlier: In a post to its Twitter Status blog, the company writes, “We are currently investigating a problem causing many users’ timelines to be delayed. We will update with status here shortly.”

UPDATE: Twitter is back on, but still seems broken on Tweet Deck.

Earlier: Twitter hasn’t updated since shortly before 11 A.M. eastern time.

Users can’t access it via or apps like Tweet Deck either.

We’d tell you what people are saying about it on Twitter, but…

More as we learn it.

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