Twitter Finally Reveals All Its Secret Stats


When Twitter opened up its developers conference, it dropped a ton of stats on people in the audience.

We’ve assemble the relevant slides into a gallery here.

Click through to see all the stats about Twitter’s growth and usage >

Twitter now has 106 million users

It's adding 300,000 per day

It gets 180 million unique visitors

And here's why apps are important, 75% of Twitter traffic is outside

Twitter is getting 3 billion requests a day, which gives you an idea about how many Tweets are read daily.

Twitter's users are doing 55 million tweets per day

And its search engine gets 600 million queries every day.

After the speech, Danny Sullivan reported that queries will ramp to 1 billion a day by next month

Twitter has 175 employees, up from 40 or so last year

There wasn't a slide for this one but...

CEO Evan Williams said the new BlackBerry app led to 100,000 new users in just three days. And 1.7% of its tweets were coming from this new app.

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