Twitter Isn’t Exactly Social, Says Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey long hair 2008
Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey

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Speaking at the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany, Jack Dorsey said the three words that differentiate Twitter from its competitors are “public,” “real-time,” and “simplicity,” reports Liz Gannes of All Things Digital.Strangely missing from that list is “social.”

Dorsey said social is just one aspect of Twitter, helping friends stay in touch with friends. But Twitter is also a way to keep tabs on the world and get completely real-time updates on any number of topics.

He thinks of it “as an information utility and a communications network.” Consider that a user doesn’t have to tweet to reap the benefits of Twitter — he can just follow people relevant to his interests and stay up to date on what matters to him.

While the social element is there, it’s in the backseat of Dorsey’s mind.