Twitter Sells An Ad!

Twitter is finally tapping into a revenue trickle: It will offer promotional space on to ExecTweets, a Web site that aggregates tweets from business executives, organised by ad network Federated Media. Microsoft (MSFT) is sponsoring ExecTweets, and FM will share some of that revenue with Twitter via a new partnership.

A FM rep declined to offer any specifics of the business relationship, but noted that Twitter gave its “blessing” and “input” to ExecTweets, and is allowing the site to use its logo (officially) for the project.

Is this going to make Twitter profitable overnight? Probably not. But that’s not the point. We suspect Twitter is just as interested in promoting cool tech projects FM and its partners (like Microsoft) put together as the revenue associated with it. FM tells us it plans to launch more, similar offerings with other brands (and Twitter’s promotion) in the future.

Is this the beginning of a broader Twitter ad platform? Maybe. We don’t suspect they’ll start selling Google-like text ads overnight. But we think they could be open to other, similar campaigns — say, for instance, if CNN incorporated Twitter into their site and wanted to promote it on Twitter. FM wouldn’t say if it’s an exclusive relationship with Twitter, but we can’t imagine it is.

Twitter — whose user base is exploding — certainly has many potential revenue-generating options at its disposal, including ads, premium accounts, corporate user verification, etc.

Disclosure: Our parent company has an advertising relationship with Federated Media.

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