EXPOSED: Twitter’s Secret New Text Ads?

Twitter seems to be experimenting with text ads on the side of users’ timeline, according to the blog Digital Inspiration.

This is probably a “bucket test” where only a small subset of users are exposed to the ad format, to test it and see how it does. In the screenshot below, the ads aren’t clearly labelled as ads, though that should change if and when Twitter rolls this out widely.

This is most reminiscent of AdSense, Google’s program that puts small text ads on third party websites. Right now it’s only on Twitter’s site, but the idea is the same: small text ads, presumably based on the keywords in your timeline. (Also, we haven’t been able to confirm independently that this is real, so take it with a grain of salt.)

Here’s the screenshot:

twitter text ads

[credit provider=”Digital Inspiration” url=””]

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