Twitter Search Is Bigger Than Bing And Yahoo Search Combined*

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At 19 billion, Twitter does more search queries each month than Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo combined, according to Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan, reporting from Twitter’s developer conference, Chirp.

According to SEL’s ComScore numbers from February, Yahoo handles 8.4 billion queries per month, Bing 4 billion, and Google does 88 billion.

It’s not exactly a fair comparison, Twitter CEO Ev Williams told Danny, because “many widgets also do queries.”

(He means that many Twitter apps and services do automated searches at a high frequency.)

Still, this bodes well for Twitter’s plan to sell search ads.

Live from Chirp, Danny tweeted out the maths:

twitter serves 600 million search queries per day, vast majority through API says @ev – think 1st time query #s released #chirp

that’s 18 billion twitter searches per month compared to 88 bill for @google or 2 for @bing #chirp

caught @ev just now bing & google deals do NOT add to Twitter 19 billion queries per month (19 is latest figure he gave me) #chirp

also @ev told me tweetdeck & seismic contribute noticeably to overall search figure but still no major standout player #chirp

Twitter itself is low double digit contributor to overall 19 bill Twitter searches per month @ev told me. #chirp

but @ev said compare Twitter search figures to google bing not apples to apples given many widgets also do “queries” #chirp

Correction: An earlier version fo this post said that Bing had 2.4 million searches per month. Danny has since updated his stats to say its 4 billion. We’ve updated our post too.

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