"Cliff Lee Just Unlocked 'You're My B---' On Foursquare. Location: Bronx, NY"

Cliff Lee

Photo: AP

I live in a small town in the woods of New Hampshire. Don’t really know the neighbours, live hundreds (or thousands) of miles away from family and friends. But when I click on Game 3 of the NLCS this afternoon, I’ll have 380 of my closest pals plopped down on the couch next to me.The rise of Twitter has turned every big sporting event into a giant gathering of reporting, analysis, and of course, snark. Flip on any big game in any sport and you’ll have dozens of beat writers bringing you the latest news, analysts weighing in with sharp points on in-game decisions, and a wide array of peanut gallery viewers searching for the perfect bon mot.

Last night’s Rangers-Yankees ALCS Game 3 brought all of that to bear:

@russbengtson (SLAM magazine writer/editor Russ Bengtson)

“If the Yankees were smart, they’d squirt ketchup on Cliff Lee and push him in front of CC Sabathia.”

@lonestarball (Texas Rangers blog of the same name)

How dominant is Cliff Lee tonight? Apparently, Jorge Posada wants the ball from his single taken out of play as a souvenir.

@bennyc50 (North Dakota meteorologist Ben Collin)

Cliff Lee just unlocked “You’re my bitch” on Foursquare. Location: Bronx, NY

@JustinSmoak17 (Justin Smoak, the young first baseman traded to Seattle this season for Cliff Lee)

  I don’t think #Rangers fans are missing me right now. Cliff is pitching great [email protected]str8edgeracer (Texas Rangers #2 SP, C.J. Wilson)

  Cliff lee is my homeboy #mlbThat’s five references to Cliff Lee’s otherworldly performance, including his teammate ostensibly equating him to Jesus. Even if you’re not a fan of broadcasting your thoughts in short chunks, finding the right mix of people to follow will make any game infinitely more entertaining. Dustin Parkes of The Score offered a good starter list of baseball Tweeters to add (though that Keri guy looks a little fishy).

Like anything else, though, use Twitter in moderation. This summer, a bunch of friends and I plopped down in the middle of Central Park for a picnic, armed with takeout from Brooklyn’s amazing Montreal-style deli, Mile End. Problem was, everyone was so used to staying connected, we ended up with people wandering off to scan the latest Tweets. One conversation ended in mid-sentence when a buddy looked down at his phone to see if anyone had re-tweeted his last note.

We can’t live like this, people. Watching a game? Tweet away. See a goat walking through the middle of town? Go nuts. Otherwise, be prepared to get slammed … in 140 characters or less.

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