Twitter Just Went Through A Giant Reorg

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Twitter, growing fast and ebullient about the success of its mobile ads, has split itself into three parts, Mike Isaac at AllThingsD reports.

The three pieces: consumer, growth and international, and ads.

That has led to the departure of some executives who didn’t like their place in the revised hierarchy—most notably product chief Satya Patel.

Here are the big changes:

  • Othman Laraki was promoted to VP of growth and international product.
  • Michael Sippey, formerly a top executive at Say Media, runs consumer product.
  • The company doesn’t have a head of ad product right now. Sippey and Laraki are splitting those responsibilities. Google seems like an obvious place for Twitter to hunt for a new ad-products chief, though.
  • Twitter has added a lot of people to sales—now more than 200 of its 1,000-plus employees work on monetization. As we reported, a lot of that expansion is now happening in international sales. 

We suspect Sippey is the executive to watch here. For one thing, he’s known Costolo for more than a decade—including interviewing Costolo in 1999 about, fancy that, a product that helped keep Web users updated about their favourite news sites and authors.

Read the full report on Twitter’s new org chart at AllThingsD >

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