Twitter will keep Vine alive as a simplified app for only shooting 6-second videos

VineJerod Harris/Getty Images for PTTOW!Vine stars take photos with their fans.

Twitter has decided what to do with the remains of Vine.

The Vine app will be renamed to “Vine Camera” and only shoot 6-second looping videos, Twitter said in a Friday blog post. The social feed component of Vine will die and Twitter will create “a way to make it easy for your Vine followers to follow you on Twitter.”

Existing Vine videos from the past several years aren’t going anywhere — they will continue to be watchable where they’re embedded online and through the website.

Vine first debuted in 2013 as a simple social network for creating and sharing 6-second loop videos. Twitter acquired Vine in 2012 for a reported $30 million before the app launched.

Vine enjoyed early success as an entertainment platform and created a new class of internet celebrities. But the app failed to innovate in recent years and compete with emerging competitors, like Snapchat and

In October, Twitter announced that it was shutting down Vine as part of a round of layoffs that affected 9% of the company’s global workforce. Shortly after Twitter made the announcement, Vine cofounder Rus Yusupov tweeted, “Don’t sell your company!”

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