The Internet Is Freaking Out About Facebook's Big Raise From Goldman Sachs

rb reax

Photo: Twitter

Late last night news broke that Goldman Sachs was putting $450 million into Facebook at a $50 billion valuation.People immediately started posting their (generally funny) snap reactions to the news on Twitter.

We saved a few of our favourites and rounded them up here. Enjoy.

Mark Zuckerberg is doing well...

...which can only mean one thing: The Winklevii are in a bad mood.

Of course, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Naturally, there were a bunch of jokes at Goldman's expense.


Of course, not everyone wants to make fun of the Goldman-Facebook hook up.

Maybe Facebook can get an exemption now?

How does Facebook's new valuation stack up to established companies?

Maybe Facebook's valuation is really low?

Why are investment banks getting into startups anyway?

Oh, right...

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