IT'S A TRAP: What Happens When Advertisers Don't Meet Twitter's Spending Quotas

Admiral Ackbar saw this coming.

Photo: Screen Grab

Twitter’s little blue check mark has become synonymous with authenticity, where followers can (supposedly) trust any Twitter page bearing that sign as a verified account. What’s not authentic, though, is how one gets, and more importantly, stays a verified account.Digital TrendsMolly McHugh noticed a ransom-like financial caveat in Twitter’s verification system:

The moment Digital Trends decided to stop advertising on Twitter, its mark of verification vanished. Twitter stated that “verification is something we offer our active advertisers meeting the $5K/month minimum spend associated with our Platform Partnership.”

Twitter’s ‘Terms of Service‘ and FAQs don’t state that this spending is necessary in order to be verified, Digital Trends says. What’s more, spending $5,000 per month on advertising doesn’t even grant you that little blue check mark. You also have to request the badge of verification.

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