Twitter Takes Another Step On Its Road To Killing TwitPic And Yfrog

jack dorsey

[credit provider=”Bloomberg”]

Twitter has unveiled its photo upload API, which lets third-party developers add Twitter’s own photo-upload service to their apps, VentureBeat reports.Twitter has been “filling holes” on its platform, taking control of mobile apps, adding link-shortening and now photo uploading, to the detriment of third-party apps who were doing these things. This is to provide a more consistent experience to users (and also have more opportunities to show ads to users).

Recently Twitter rolled out photo sharing on, letting you add photos to your tweets from the website, which is going to kill Twitter photo upload services Yfrog and TwitPic (at least as we know them now). But given that most of Twitter’s usage comes from third-party services like apps, without a photo upload API developers can plug into their apps, that wouldn’t have affected most of the usage. 

Now that’s done.

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