Here's How Twitter Thinks The Jobs Report Is Going To Go

We are now just hours from the October jobs report, which is set for release at 8:30 am ET Friday morning.

Currently, Wall Street is expecting the report to show that nonfarm payrolls grew by 235,000 in October, down from September’s 248,000, but still solid overall. 

The expectations of users on Twitter, however, are a bit stronger.

According to Bloomberg economist Michael McDonough, as of Thursday afternoon, Twitter users were expecting the report to show job gains of 243,500. 

Now, this is a dynamic forecast, and will change as users on Twitter tweet out their guesses for the jobs report over the next several hours. 

But for right now, social media is a bit more bullish than Wall Street.

You can read Shane Ferro’s full preview of the jobs report here, and of course we will have live wall-to-wall coverage of the jobs report tomorrow morning. 

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