Twitter Just Named The Clydesdale Foal That Starred In Budweiser's Super Bowl Ad [THE BRIEF]

horse clydesdale foal budweiser

Photo: Twitter @Budweiser

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:Budweiser’s first-ever tweet — that’s right, the beer giant wasn’t on Twitter until January 2013 — asked the Twitterverse to name its newly-born baby foal. After the foal starred in its extremely popular Clydesdale Super Bowl spot, Budweiser received more than 60,000 name entries. And the winner is: “Hope.” “Landslide,” “Stevie,” and “Raven” were runners up. The company named a second baby foal “Stan.”

According to Ad Age, Fox is already “haggling” for advertisers to buy space for Super Bowl 2014.

Deutsch LA lost Playstation to BBH New York. The company has been with Deutsch since 2007.

According to Brand Keys’ 2013 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI), Samsung users are the most loyal of all smartphone owners.

In an attempt to make Vine more brand-friendly, SS+K created The program allows viewers to search Vine based on a specific topic, like cats or Valentine’s Day.

According to the WSJ, Brazil is the social media capital of the world.

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