See Inside The $US350 Million Mobile Ad Company Twitter Bought Right Before Its IPO

While Twitter’s IPO is going to be a huge step forward for the company, its acquisition of mobile ad platform
MoPublast week could be what makes the difference between a flat entrance to the market and a successful opening.

MoPub is going to help Twitter with its real-time bidding adtech offering, and it could lead eventually to an internal Twitter ad exchange or an external Twitter ad network. Twitter’s revenues are likely around $US1 billion per year.

MoPub, which is based in San Francisco, has a revenue run rate of around $US100 million per year on top of that, and we understand it’s profitable.

We had lunch with MoPub CEO Jim Payne recently and he let us show you these photos from MoPub’s new office in New York.

The office, which opened in April, has a porch swing in a garden-like area dubbed 'MoPorch.'

MoPub account director Caitlin McGovern and senior account director Abigail Levine discuss work items on the MoPorch swing.

In addition to MoPorch, staff can hanging out or talk to clients in 'the Pub.'

The Pub has a bunch of games where employees can blow off steam.

MoPub has rearranged the furniture a bit since it opened in New York. The games in the office include BuckHunter and Ms. Pac Man.

Here's senior manager Dan Sack playing some cornhole at the MoPorch.

MoPub has a huge kitchen so that it can be enjoyed by more than a few people at once.

There are only 25 people in the office right now, although obviously there is room for a lot more.

Back in April, when the space first opened, 'we were a whopping two people, ecstatic to be taking phone calls from the comfy confines of our own space, rather than the General Assembly coatroom,' a spokesperson tells us, referring to the local tech incubator campus.

Conference rooms are named after some of MoPub staffers' favourite NYC spots, such as Balthazar, Pastis, and Brother Jimmy's.

MoPub's work space is very open, allowing for easy collaboration and team bonding.

The new space will one day be home to 60-plus MoPub -- or should we say Twitter? -- employees.

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