Twitter users roasted the Colts after Josh McDaniels unexpectedly backed out a deal to be their coach

  • New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels backed out of a deal to join the Indianapolis Colts as their next head coach just hours after the team announced the he had accepted the job.
  • McDaniels chose instead to stay with the Patriots, forcing the Colts to take down posts they had made announcing their new hire to fans.
  • Twitter was quick to mock the Colts on their poor turn of fortune.

The Indianapolis Colts were unexpectedly spurned on Tuesday night when New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels backed out of a deal to be their next head coach.

McDaniels had already agreed to the deal, but Patriots owner Robert Kraft reportedly intervened and made him a better offer to keep him in New England. When the news came in, Indianapolis had already gone through the process of promoting their new hire to their fans, forcing the Colts social media team to scrub much of their recent work.

Twitter, of course, was quick to take notice of the Colts’ unfortunate circumstances, and didn’t hesitate to pour salt on the wound.

Some kept things simple.

Others chose to employ a clever bit of wordplay.


ESPN’s Field Yates jokingly congratulated McDaniels on his success with the Colts.

And former Colts punter Pat McAfee quickly threw his hat into the ring as a potential replacement.

For the most part though, the best results came from Twitter’s most renewable resource – reaction gifs.

The Colts are now left to regroup and find a new head coach for the 2018 season, and have the added difficulty of their next hire knowing for a fact that he was not their first choice. Hopefully their next offer goes a bit more smoothly than the short-lived McDaniels era in Indianapolis.