KA-CHIRP! Twitter Mobile Ads Beat Desktop Ads For The First Time This Year

Twitter CEO Dick CostoloDick Costolo is going mobile.

Photo: Jolie O’Dell

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told a crowd at a conference put on by the Economist today in San Francisco that Twitter’s mobile ad revenues had beat its desktop revenues.

For at least one day, at any rate.

Here’s the exact quote, via Peter Kafka at AllThingsD (emphasis added):

Even though we launched our ad platform on the web, and only started running ads on mobile a few months ago, it has already been the case a couple weeks ago that we saw mobile ad revenue for the first time in a day be greater than non-mobile revenue. So mobile revenue for us is already doing delightfully well; I couldn’t be happier with it.

Of course, as Kafka points out, Twitter also gets the majority of its usage on mobile—60 per cent of its 140 million users now access Twitter on mobile devices, Costolo said at the conference. That’s up from 55 per cent at the end of 2011.

Contrast that to Facebook, which admitted when it filed for an IPO that it wasn’t getting any meaningful revenues from mobile—despite promises that mobile would be an enormous new revenue stream.

Right now, everyone’s trying to figure out the mobile revenue dilemma. If Twitter is going to avoid the massive fallout from Facebook’s disappointing IPO, Twitter’s mobile revenues will have to keep delighting Costolo.

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