Twitter may change the entire way you read tweets

Twitter had a strong earnings report on Tuesday, sending its stock up more 5% in after hours.

During his call with analysts, which was broadcast through Periscope, Twitter’s interim CEO Jack Dorsey was also pretty honest with Twitter’s shortcomings as a product, even hinting at a possible redesign that could compeltely change the way users read their tweets.

“You will see us continue to question the reverse chronological timeline,” Dorsey said.

Twitter’s timeline streams tweets in way that shows the latest one at the top. That makes it difficult to follow old ones that you may have missed because you have to scroll all the way down to read it. This design has often been mentioned as one of the shortcomings of Twitter to reach a more broader user base.

“Our goal is to show more meaningful tweets and conversations,” Dorsey added during the call. “If we meet these expectations, Twitter will become the first thing people check every morning to start their day.”

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