Twitter Marketers: You Are Doing It Wrong!

You are doing it wrong.You are doing it wrong.

Photo: MJ Rap-Rock

Social media marketing firm 360i says it spent six months studying how normal people and the brand marketers trying to reach them use Twitter.The result? A message to brand marketers on Twitter: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

Brand marketers view Twitter as a broadcast platform, while normal people view it as a giant open chat room.

Quoth 360i: “43% of all original consumer tweets are conversations between users, but only 16% of marketer tweets are active dialogue with consumers. In fact, only 1% of all original consumer tweets represent conversations directly with brands.”

Meanwhile, says 360i, “only 8% per cent of Twitter users make their tweets private, creating a ripe platform for online listening.”

Lesson for marketers: Stop spamming your followers with announcements and links. Instead, actively search Twitter for when normal people start talking about your brand. Then, if you can actually be helpful, join the conversation. (But only then!)

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