The layoffs at Twitter sparked a lot of strong responses...on Twitter

Former Twitter employees are taking their anguish to the social media platform after being laid off by the company. Some are even using the hashtag #TwitterLayoffs.

Following a plan to restructure Twitter on Monday, the company sent out emails addressed from recent CEO Jack Dorsey to 336 employees letting them know that they were done at the company.

“As always, please reach out to me directly with any ideas or questions,” the email concluded. 

The news was delivered this morning along with a mildly apologetic tweet from Dorsey:

Twitter said employees who the company is splitting ways with are being given “generous” severance packages that will cost the company $US10 million to $US20 million.


 Chris O’Brien, European Correspondent at VentureBeat shared a sarcastic anecdote from a Twitter engineer who was presumably laid off:

Meanwhile, employers did not waste a second and swooped in as anxious Twitter employees recounted their layoff stories. Here’s a designer at Nest:

 Others followed suit:

 There’s also always the startup route:


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