Twitter Just Made Mobile Ad Targeting More Granular

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Twitter Ads Wifi, OS, And Device Targeting Capabilities (Venture Beat)
Twitter updated its advertising targeting platform to now include options for segmenting audiences by operating system, device, and if they are connected to wifi or not.

Twitter has also updated its reporting analytics to show results for these three new segments across all campaigns.

Prior to this update, advertisers could only target users based on geography, keyword, and website traffic history. And as far as individual device segments, Twitter had only provided advertisers a basic operating system breakdown.

It’s important to remember that now 75% of people access Twitter from a mobile device.

Specific device targeting helps advertisers break down user demographics at an even more granular level, allowing them to launch a more specific targeted campaign. For example, an advertiser can target iPhone 5S users if they would like to reach early adopters who are likely more affluent and exhibit higher usage rates on their smartphone. Read >

In other news…

Foursquare’s head of product is leaving the company. (All Things D)

WeChat now has 272 million monthly active users, up 15% from the previous quarter. (Tencent)

Snapchat’s owners turned down a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook. (Wall Street Journal)

Sony has launched the mobile companion apps for its PS4 gaming console on iOS and Android. (Engadget)

Motorola unveiled a new, low-cost smartphone aimed at emerging markets called the Moto G. (Forbes)

Messaging app Line is bringing in close to $100 million in revenue per quarter. (TechCrunch)

Finnish smartphone startup Jolla has chosen Yandex to power its app store and not Google Play. (TechCrunch)

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