Twitter's Chairman And CEO Are 'THRILLED' About Marissa Mayer's Hire At Yahoo

Jack Dorsey and Dick Costolo, overshadowed by Marissa MayerAll hail Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO!

Photo: Business Insider, Google

Silicon Valley is a pretty self-congratulatory place, so it’s normal for CEOs to issue plaudits when someone gets a big new job, as Marissa Mayer just did running Yahoo.But we couldn’t help noticing how quick and effusive Twitter chairman Jack Dorsey and CEO Dick Costolo were with their praise.

“THRILLED that @MarissaMayer is now running @Yahoo. It’s the perfect fit. Congrats Marissa!” Dorsey tweeted.

“Congratulations on the new role for one of the Valley’s brightest minds,” Costolo wrote.

Here’s our tea-leaf reading on those statements: Mayer’s departure weakens Google, which has pretty much been gunning for Twitter with its Google+ social network.

Yahoo has been drawing closer to Facebook with the settlement of their patent dispute and a new partnership built around live event coverage—a specialty for Twitter.

But Mayer is an angel investor in Dorsey’s other company, online-payments startup Square, and a fairly enthusiastic Twitter user, despite Google’s push to have employees use Google+. So Dorsey and Costolo are likely betting that Mayer as Yahoo’s CEO will be more of a friend to Twitter than interim CEO Ross Levinsohn might have been.

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