SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS: CNN's New President — 'Twitter Is A Frenemy'

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Twitter Is The New CNN (MediaPost)
“Twitter is a frenemy,” said Jeff Zucker, CNN’s new president. Jeff Zucker was describing the cable news network’s relationship with social media and added, “the network uses, relies on — and is scared by — social media.” Last week during the Boston Bombings, users checked their Twitter, and updates poured in persistently. Something that the news sites couldn’t do. Refreshing the stream every few seconds imported new updates and perspectives. This event resembled the OJ Simpson’s slow-motion car chase, and it was Twitter’s moment. Read >

Facebook, Twitter, And The Tsarnaevs (The New Yorker)
What Facebook and Twitter purport to offer us to explain the Tsarnaev brothers, accused of the Boston Marathon bombings, and all humans, is seductive: they claim to reveal our true selves. We can even sign in to a multitude of other sites and services using our Facebook and Twitter accounts; they are us, for many practical intents and purposes. But, more dramatically, as we accede to their imperatives to share more of ourselves — what we’re doing, what we’re feeling, who we’re feeling, where we’ve been — they manage to take that increasingly vast, chaotic array of data that tumbles directly out of our heads and mould it into a single, simple digestible stream.  Read >

Facebook Confirms Iowa Data centre (CNet)
rumours have been confirmed that the new massive data centre to be built in Altoona, Iowa, will be owned by none other than Facebook. The company announced that the 194-acre site will be the home of its fourth wholly-owned and operated data centre worldwide. It will utilise Open Compute Project servers, which use open-source data centre designs to speed hardware innovation and reduce the environmental impact of cloud computing. It will also have an outdoor-air cooling system, networking architecture, and be built to LEED Gold standards.  Read >

What Is A Social Business? (The Huffington Post)
Every company these days knows they have to get social. Yet often, even when organisations think they’re embracing social media in a big way, they aren’t. For most companies, social means marketing. It equals Facebook likes and Twitter followers. But that’s just the price of entry into the social world we — the 1.5 billion people using social networks — are crafting around us. Because as powerful as social media is for exchanging ideas, it has the potential to do so much more for organisations. It can, in fact, become a new production line.  Read >

Social Tools Your Business Should Be Using (Social Blog)
You know about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You might be using them every day for business and consider yourself a social media professional. The fact is there are a lot more social tools that aren’t social networks, and quite a few of those definitely deserve your attention.

  • Social intranet
  • Social bookmarks
  • Social HR
  • Social outsourcing
  • Social CRM

There are many more use cases for the use of social tools in the workplace. Read >

How Social Media Is Turning Customer Care Upside-Down (Outsourcing centre)
Not too long ago, customer care — the proverbial contact centre — was regarded as a necessity. According to Ron Strandin, CEO of Envision, that perception is drastically changing. “10 years ago, contact centres were strategic, but they’ve evolved into an operational infrastructure as time went on. Today, because of social media and being the centralized point for the ‘voice of the customer,’ that role is evolving back to strategic,” Strandin said. “Customer care now provides the larger narrative around what the market is saying, which tells me what I need to do with my business.” Read >

Make Google+ Work Hard In Social Media Marketing (
Google+ is continually woven into all things you do with Google — in search, on calendars, in gmail, hangouts, etc. And, it’s a proven SEO builder. In working with clients, it is one of the big four networks on which we focus along with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. How can business-to-business (B2B) Marketers make all this work for them?  Read >

The Different Types Of Pinterest Users (Apartment Therapy)
If you’re pinner, what kind of pinner are you?

  • Clarifier
  • Collager
  • Communicator
  • Categorizer
  • Consumer
  • Collector

There are many different types of pinners, and any one pinner may pin many different ways. Read >

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